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When you’ve decided that you want to book great wedding entertainment for your big night you have to decide which band you want to work with. Many of the most prominent bands in New York are also what is called “agency bands”. These bands are really bands in name only since the agency has a stable of players that they call for the gigs. The quality among players varies a great deal and often times they don’t have a lot of experience working with each other, which can make the overall quality suffer. If you are looking to hire a wedding entertainment band why not hire one that has great rapport and loves playing together? This is the kind of energy that will come across to you and your guests.

When dealing with an “agency band” it’s important to remember that they may have many bands out on any given night so when you interact with them it will probably be with a manager who will not necessarily be there on the day of the occasion. The advantage of working with a smaller operation likePeter & the Master Keys is that you will work with the band leader himself. It’s like the farmers market of wedding reception bands in New York City. If you’re the kind of person who likes to go to the source and feel a connection to the musician who will be providing a big part of the vibe for your wedding then working with us might be the right move. We are a bit niche and that’s ok, but if you enjoy old school jazz, blues, and early RnB then chances are, we’ll be a great fit for you!

I’ve worked with a lot of couples in search of wedding entertainment bands and I’ve found that providing personalized warm service makes a big difference for them. When clients work with me they know that they are speaking with the person who will not only be singing at the wedding but who will be directing all of the band logistics. Where to set up for ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. The exact timeline for everything including speeches and announcements. There is no opportunity for there be a miscommunication between the bandleader and office because we are one and the same. Clients also get a chance to share themselves and their stories with me, which helps me set the tone for the evening. I enjoy working with them in choosing specific songs for the ceremony and first dance as well as the
overall mood of the dance music.

There are a number of live bands for wedding receptions in NYC and the benefit of it being a big market is that there are a lot of good choices. Peter & the Master Keys is an excellent choice for those who love classic jazz and blues music and also value making a real connection with the artist and the comfort that comes from knowing that all the details will be handled. It feels good to know that the band is really there for YOU on your big night!

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