First video from the Django!

Here it is, folks! So when we played the Django a couple of weeks back I had my brother shoot some video. He’s a fantastic photographer and videographer and I brought him up from NC just for that purpose (and also to hang out with him in the city)!

This is the first teaser trailer that he edited to our recording of “Barefootin”. It shows how much fun we’re having at the Django with the great crowd who showed up and danced enthusiastically! We’re looking forward to more of these and hopefully playing parties for some of you in the near future as well!

One night only at the Django, October 6th 2018

Peter & the Master Keys live jazz at the Django in New York

Peter & the Master Keys live jazz at the Django in New York

It’s not often that we have a public gig to showcase what we can do with the full 7 piece band. I’d like to invite you to come to the Django on October 6th 2018 at 10:30pm-1:30am. It’s a beautiful French cellar inspired venue in the Roxy hotel down in Tribeca with incredible hand-crafted cocktails.

A bit more about the venue: “Descend into The Django and you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world. The subterranean jazz club, with its vaulted ceilings and exposed brick walls, was modeled after the boites of Paris. The venue consists of two cocktail bars, open dining space and a stage for live performances.”

I hope to see you there especially if you are interested in seeing what the band can do as a jazz band for a wedding reception or holiday event. You’ll find that we can do much more than that!

Reservations strongly recommended.

First wedding of the year at the Yale Club in New York City!

This weekend was another high-water mark for Peter & the Master Keys.  We kicked off the new year with a magical wedding at the prestigious Yale Club in New York City! 

First, the band played some beautiful arrangements of Bach and Chopin for the ceremony in the library. Then we quickly made our way up to the glassed-in roof deck where we played jazz standards for the cocktail hour.

Of course, the most exciting part was the reception.  The newlyweds had their first dance to my arrangement of "I've Just Seen a Face" by the Beatles. Instead of the usual tempo, we slowed it down so that it was closer to the feel of "You Send Me" by Sam Cooke. Soon after the guests flooded the dance floor and we all had a fantastic night of music and dancing. It makes such a huge difference when folks come with the intention of celebrating. These guys certainly did and I'm glad I thought of grabbing my phone to capture this hilarious moment. Enjoy!

Check it out, I'm in Vogue Magazine!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! Just kidding.  This amazing photo by Alex Nero appeared in the online Vogue Magazine this week along with a great article about a huge immersive party called 'You Are So Lucky' that I was part of a couple weeks back.  It was really a sight to behold, everyone was decked out in their finest regalia, be it forest nymph face paint or Egyptian head dress.  I was playing in a room curated by the event producer, Shanghai Mermaid, with the fabulous singer, Megg Farrell.  This experience was just one facet of a huge immersive experience that took over the grounds of an historic mansion in Yonkers for 5,000 guests!  You can read all about it and see more photos here.

This amazing photo by Alex Nero shows Peter Maness and Pete Mathiessen playing with Megg Farrell at the You are so Lucky party recently in Yonkers, NY.

It's the season for rooftop parties in New York!

Rooftop private event band Peter and the Master Keys at the Starrett Le-High building in Chelsea, Manhattan

"I like New York in June..."  Well it's shaping up to be a beautiful spring in the big city and the Master Keys have been doing more and more gigs on rooftops all over town.  Here's a couple of shots from the Starret Le-High building in Chelsea.  We played there last week for a building wide rooftop event where they screened the classic film, An Affair to Remember.  Later on in the evening we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the Hudson river!

Beautiful sunset over the Hudson river with Peter and the Master Keys performing jazz and blues for a corporate event at the Starrett Le-High building in Chelsea, Manhattan.